Dive Gears to Get this 2018

This year is for new adventures, new destinations to explore and of course, new gears for diving! Having second thoughts on what gears to get for your explorations this 2018? Here’s a list that might help you:

1. Dive Computer

Dive tables are long gone, so if you’re still using one, shame on you. An intuitive dive computer is not an option anymore these days—it is now a necessity. Go ask a pro on dive equipment or research on your own, so you can get a dive computer that fits your lifestyle as a diver.

Dive Gears to Get this 2018

2. BCD

The best way to enjoy a dive is to have perfect control over every move you make underwater. Apart from hitting an ace from your Perfect Buoyancy course, having a BCD that fits you will help you comfortably navigate underwater. It comes with different styles that are made just for you. You’ll now it is the right BCD when you do not have to think if your next move is right or wrong during the dive. BCDs also come in different styles—pick one that suits your diving personality.

Dive Gears to Get this 2018

3. Regulator

This one is your life line. A diving regulator allows you to maintain a long term diving experience. Every effortless breath underwater is an incredible achievement—and you can only achieve this through the help of the best regulator.

Dive Gears to Get this 2018

Care to Dive. Dive to Care.

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